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0xSniper Tokenomics: A Structured Approach to Sustained Growth
  • Total Supply: We have a total supply of 1 million tokens which forms the base of 0xSniper's economic model.
  • Transaction Tax: Every transaction involving 0xSniper tokens carries a 3% tax, which is split as follows to support different areas of the platform:
    • Development (2%): Out of the 2% tax, 2% is set aside for ongoing development. This part of the tax helps in improving the platform, adding new features, and ensuring the technical growth of 0xSniper.
    • Marketing (1%): The remaining 1% of the tax goes towards marketing efforts. This fund helps in increasing brand awareness, growing our community, and making 0xSniper a well-known name in the market.
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This tokenomic model is crafted to ensure that 0xSniper has a strong foundation to grow, adapt, and continue serving our community effectively. Through a straightforward allocation of transaction tax, we aim to keep improving and making 0xSniper a platform that meets the needs of our users.