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    What is 0xSniper?
    • 0xSniper is a highly efficient trading bot designed to operate on the Ethereum blockchain, primarily using the Uniswap V2 decentralized exchange protocol. It provides advanced features like anti-MEV, anti-rug, multi-wallet support, and more, making your trading experience safer and more efficient.
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    How does 0xSniper secure my data?
    • 0xSniper uses advanced cryptographic encryption methodologies, AES and Bcrypt, both on the client-side and backend to ensure the utmost protection of user data. Only the legitimate owner can retrieve the information via Metamask authentication.
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    What benefits do 0xSniper token holders get?
    • Token holders will gain access to exclusive features in the coming weeks, including private nodes, multi-wallet features, anti-MEV, and anti-rug features. Additionally, holding 0xSniper tokens allows you to be an investor in the project and have a say in its development and future direction.
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    How can I start using 0xSniper?
    • To start using 0xSniper, you will need a Metamask wallet. Detailed instructions on setting up and getting started with 0xSniper will be provided on our website and in our upcoming whitepaper.
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    What is Anti-MEV and Anti-Rug?
    • Anti-MEV is a feature that provides an extra layer of protection against front-running by miners, while Anti-Rug is a feature that helps identify potential rug pull tokens, providing an extra layer of security during your trading experience.
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    Is 0xSniper audited?
    • We're in the process of getting a comprehensive audit of the platform to verify its safety and security measures. This will be announced once completed.
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    Will more features be added to 0xSniper?
    • Yes, we are always looking to refine and expand the 0xSniper platform. We are planning on integrating more chains and implementing more advanced features based on community feedback.
Please note: The information provided here is subject to change, and these FAQs should not be considered investment advice. Always do your research and consider the risks before investing in any cryptocurrency.